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Queens Elevator & Escalator Pvt. Ltd Company was established in 2014 in Jaipur the pink city of our india in Rajasthan State, having started its business around Seven years back in India. Elevators are one of the safety means of vertical transport. Queens Elevator & Escalator Company entered in the field of vertical transportation and determined to play a leading role in the future. Queens Elevator & Escalator Company engaged in the field of business of sales, commissioning, installation, modernization, repair, and service of elevators and escalators has installed the same with total integration, adhering to all relevant quality and safety parameters.

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Queens Elevator & Escalator Company is one of the most reliable company, committed to delivering completely satisfied services and the best in the elevator industry. Queens Elevator & Escalator Company deals in all types of elevators and escalators like passenger lift, goods lift, automobile lift, home lift, capsule lift, industrial lift, freight lift, and dumb waiter, we maintain also AMC of all companies all types of lift.


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